17 02 2011

Can great ideas be cultivated ‘on demand’ rather than relying on ‘aha’ moments? How do teams and organizations collaboratively engineer innovation?  How do you organize ideation sessions that are both fun and productive?

One of my favorite books related to these topics is Gamestorming: a playbook for innovators, rule-breakers, and change makers. The concept of gamestorming is to simply add game mechanics (rules, parameters, objectives) to brainstorming sessions. The book provides a collection of games, some of which are centered around traditional tools and activities that you’re probably familiar with already (Affinity MapSWOT AnalysisCard SortElevator Pitch, etc.) while others are newer games that have emerged out of recent research, books, and organizational practices from design thinking consultancies and Silicon Valley tech companies (Post-UpValue MapFishbowlContext map, etc.).

I recently attended a brainstorming workshop, led by James Macafunco, co-author of Gamestorming and Senior Consultant at XPLANE. The hands-on workshop introduced participants to tools and techniques for ideating in a collaborative setting, and how to facilitate brainstorming meetings as a manager or team lead.  Check out the pics below (yes, that is a sketch of Yoda).

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